The Role of Gut Bacteria in Health and Performance

Picture of gut bacteria


The role of the gut bacteria in our bodies – known as the microbiome – has been a hot topic in medical research for a while. Given the impact that our microbiome has been found to have on digestive health, immunity, energy production, ability to lose weight and even the way in which our brain functions, it has not been surprising to see sports scientists starting to examine the role of gut bacteria on athletic performance. Continue reading

Nutrition and Endurance Performance: What Really Works?

Cycist refuellingThe last few years have seen a big increase in the amount information available on the use of nutrition to support endurance sports performance, with easily accessible sources including blogs, podcasts and online forums as well as books and research papers. Social media like Twitter and Facebook is a great way of finding out what’s new and hearing a range of opinions on the subject. But it also creates confusion: there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Research studies can produce very different results, depending on the type of people studied and methods used, which doesn’t help, and there’s also plenty of advice out there based on people’s personal experiences or as part of the marketing plan for a particular sports nutrition product or supplement. This doesn’t make the information wrong, but it isn’t necessarily robust and can be confusing. Continue reading

Caffeine: an ergogenic aid for endurance sports performance

Caffeine is one of the most common supplements used in endurance sports. This blog summarises the most recent research into caffeine as an ergogenic aid, and considers how an endurance sports participant might best make use of it. Continue reading