Some Breakfast Ideas for Endurance Athletes

Light breakfast with boiled eggs and cup of coffee, isolated on whiteSome people like to eat the same breakfast every day, some people like to try different foods. If you are training and competing in endurance sport, it’s a good idea to vary your breakfast according to the timing and type of training session you do. This helps you to consume carbohydrates, protein and fats in different amounts, and eating different foods over the course of a week also broadens your intake of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients which support good health. Continue reading

Caffeine and Endurance Sports Performance

I last wrote about using caffeine to improve endurance sports performance in May 2012. You can read that blog post by clicking here

Since then a number of new studies have been published about the effects of caffeine on endurance, so the purpose of this post is to summarise some of these and to highlight any new information that might help you to swim, bike or run faster or for longer. Continue reading

Caffeine: an ergogenic aid for endurance sports performance

Caffeine is one of the most common supplements used in endurance sports. This blog summarises the most recent research into caffeine as an ergogenic aid, and considers how an endurance sports participant might best make use of it. Continue reading