Planning your nutrition strategy for Olympic distance triathlon

Whether you are a seasoned competitor or undertaking your first Olympic Distance triathlon, you do need to plan your nutrition and hydration needs for this type of event. You might be able to get away without consuming energy drink or gels during a sprint distance triathlon, but it isn’t recommended for longer events. Continue reading

Periodisation: Matching your nutrition to your endurance sports training plan

CalendarThe chances are, that as a competitor in endurance sport, you are taking some time during January and February to plan your races for the year and schedule the various blocks of training required to support that race plan. Continue reading

Post-training breakfast ideas for endurance sport

If you are training for an endurance sports event, eg marathon, cycle race or triathlon, there’s a good chance that you will be training in the early mornings at least once a week, and this means giving careful thought to when and what you eat for breakfast after training. Consuming a mix of carbohydrates and protein at this time plays an important part in restoration of muscle glycogen levels and muscle recovery. I hope this article will provide some helpful ideas. Continue reading

Starchy carbohydrate sources for endurance sport: alternatives to wheat

Anyone participating in endurance sports needs to think carefully about how much carbohydrate they need to include in their diet in order to provide adequate fuel, in the form of muscle glycogen, to enable them to perform at an optimal level in both training and races, and to recover well. The daily amount of carbohydrate that you need varies according to the length and intensity of your training: between 6-10g of carbohydrate per kilogram of bodyweight would be appropriate for an endurance athlete in training. For example, a 75kg man might aim for 450g of carbs on a day with one hour of moderate intensity training or 675g on a day with two sessions totalling three hours, part of which is high intensity work. If you want to calculate the amount of carbs in the foods you are eating, there are several website or mobile phone apps that enable you to do this, eg My Fitness Pal or Training Peaks. Continue reading