Recipe: Thai Green Curry

Thai food may well be one of your favourite choices for eating out or getting food delivered in, and it’s a relatively healthy option. But why not make a Thai green curry at home? It makes a tasty dinner and works well after an evening training session.

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Beetroot, feta & quinoa salad – A lunch recipe for endurance athletes

recipe for endurance athletes - beetroot, feta and quinoa - by Jo Scott-Dalgleish

This salad makes a great packed lunch to take to work on days when you are training in the early evening, with a good mix of quinoa and starchy vegetables to provide carbohydrate and protein from feta cheese, beans and quinoa. And, of course, the nitrates in the beetroot may help with stamina. See my blog here for the benefits of beetroot for endurance athletes. Continue reading

Recipe – Mackerel and Sweet Potato

recipes for endurance athletes

This is one of my favourite evening meals, filling and nourishing after a day with a long or hard training session. The mackerel is a great source of both protein (19g/100g) to help repair muscle and healthy omega 3 fats to support heart, joint, immune and brain function. Sweet potato provides carbs (20g/100g – a serving is 200g) to replenish glycogen stores together with fibre to maintain a healthy gut and a range of vitamins such as beta carotene, which is important for eye health. I’ve added tenderstem broccoli and leeks for additional plant nutrients, so this recipe provides 3 servings of vegetables. I’ve also included maple syrup for flavour and some additional carbohydrate (10g/tbsp)

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More Smoothie Ideas for Endurance Athletes

smoothie recipes for endurance athletes

One of the most popular posts on my blog is one explaining how to make nutritious smoothies – you can read it here. I thought I’d take this one step further by providing several different smoothie recipes that work well with a selection of training scenarios. Continue reading

Recipe: Asian-style noodle salad

noodle salad recipe

Here’s a filling salad that works well as a recovery meal after a moderate training session. It’s good for lunch or supper, and can be eaten warm or prepared earlier in the day and eaten cold. It also travels well in a lidded container, so could be eaten immediately after training if it takes you a while to get home. Continue reading

Low Carb Recipe: Egg Fried Quinoa

Egg fried quinoa 2

While there is still a great deal of controversy over whether endurance athletes should follow a traditional high carbohydrate way of eating, or go completely the other way with a low carb high fat (LCHF) approach to improve the use of fat as fuel, research by sports scientists is starting to suggest that a ‘periodised’ approach to carbohydrate intake may be best. This means matching your carbohydrate intake to the training that you do. This means eating more carbohydrates on your harder training days and restricting carbohydrate on your easier days. Continue reading

Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Nicoise Salad

Smoked Mackerel saladThis is my take on the traditional tuna nicoise salad, with some different ingredients to help optimise your nutritional intake as an endurance athlete. Continue reading

Brown Rice Pilaf an Easy Recipe for Endurance Athletes

brown rice pilafThis is a simple meal which works well as a pre-training lunch or a post-training recovery meal. Just use the larger quantity of rice and smaller quantity of cheese or chicken if you are eating it to provide energy before a training session. Conversely, have a larger serving of cheese or chicken and a bit less rice if it is a recovery meal to increase the protein content – or keep rice the same if it was a session more than two hours long. If you are prone to stomach issues while running and want to eat this before training, I would recommend using white risotto rice instead of brown rice for lower fibre content. Continue reading

Immune System Booster: Salmon & Rice Supper

Salmon riceNow that we are heading into the winter months, it’s common for endurance athletes to find their training compromised by Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs), otherwise known as colds and flu. Hard exercise is known to suppress the immune system, which can leave you open to picking up whatever bugs are going around, especially if you commute on public transport or work in a closely-packed office environment. So it’s worth taking extra steps to boost your immunity, and your diet has a role to play here as many compounds found in food contribute to a healthy immune function.

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Recipe: Butternut squash, quinoa and buffalo mozzarella salad

Autumn SaladThis substantial salad makes a great lunch during the autumn and winter months, and is packed with nutrients. It works well eaten warm at the weekend after a long bike or run – roast the squash while having your shower – or made the night before and taken to work for lunch on the day of an early evening training session. Continue reading